X-ray Orientation Analyzer Selection Criteria

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 How fast the X-ray Orientation Analyzer is in the process of testing is a top priority for customers to consider when purchasing. Therefore, the customer can consult the dealer's questions about the skills of data calculation used in product design, and the sophisticated X-ray directional analyzer with excellent skills can quickly show the test results.   Pay attention to the detection limit of the instrument   Customers can investigate the detection limit indicators if they want to understand the quality of the X-ray directional analyzer. The detection limit of the X-ray directional analyzer is also the detection limit. The primary investigation is the range of the component content that the instrument can measure. By using an instrument that is more excellent in quality, it is possible to detect some elemental components with very low contents.

Pay attention to the type of detection elements of the instrument   The amount of element types that the X-ray directional analyzer can detect is another matter that customers need to pay attention to. In general, metal elements commonly used in alloy products such as iron, aluminum, manganese and nickel can be easily explored. In addition, the instrument can distinguish the type of the alloy in addition to the content of each element.   X-ray directional analyzer is a professional testing instrument for analyzing metal components based on the skills of spectral analysis. For some business operators engaged in the recycling and reuse of old metals, X-ray directional analyzers are an essential tool. So what if the customer wants to pick a good X-ray directional analyzer?   First, choose a lighter weight   The customer has wanted to purchase an X-ray directional analyzer, so the component factor is an important consideration, so the relatively correct selection method for the customer is to select those product categories that are lighter. Because of the light weight of the instrument, it is relatively simple to carry and the operation of the multi-angle is more simplified.   Second, choose strong and durable   Many people buy X-ray directional analyzers to detect various alloy products or scrap metal products. Therefore, users generally use them in outdoor environments most of the time and the surrounding working conditions are relatively poor, so customers When selecting, you should choose the X-ray directional analyzers with strong and durable after-sales service, so as to ensure that the purchased X-ray directional analyzer has a longer service life.   Third, the selection of operations is simple   Whether the instrument is operated in a simple way is an important criterion for the customer to determine whether the X-ray directional analyzer is worth buying. Therefore, customers should choose which operating systems are relatively simple and the user's visual interface is clear and clear. In addition, instruments that can be connected to a computer via a data line and transmit test results are also worth picking.


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