Basic Knowledge Of Injection Mold Maintenance

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Moldmakers spend as much on mold positioning components, guide bushes, etc. as you do on a performance car. In a plastics manufacturing environment, consistent quality molded parts start with high-quality, well-made, and well-maintained molds. Once the mold is in place and ready to go with your molder, what should you know?

Learn the basics of mold maintenance:

It is important for manufacturers to have a basic understanding of the cleaning and repairs required to properly maintain tools. To keep your tools in top working condition, maintenance is not only essential when things go wrong, but also regularly over time.

Overall, the condition of the injection mold affects the quality of the plastic parts produced. Molds and tooling are important assets for your company, yet many manufacturers ignore maintenance needs when deciding which injection molding machine to choose. How your supplier maintains your tooling can be a key factor in the success and longevity of your relationship.

As with any maintenance program, certain inspections and procedures should be performed on a regular basis. For example, mold cavities and gates should be inspected for wear or damage. The injection system should be inspected and lubricated, and all surfaces should be cleaned with a non-toxic solvent to remove dirt and sprayed with a rust inhibitor. In addition, all water lines should be flushed and drained to remove excess water.

Molds should also undergo appropriate maintenance checks prior to storage, including:

1) All plates separated

2) The injection system should be cleaned and lubricated

3) Replacement and/or repair parts including ejector pins and springs, worn bushings, or guide pins

4) After completing these preservation strategies, molds can be quickly and easily put back into service.

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