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The Starticles Team would like to thank you for using our products and services. Starticles, Oxford

By using the services that we provide, you are agreeing to the terms stated herein.

Due to the diversity of our services additional terms and/or product requirements (including age requirements) may apply. Additional terms and requirements would be stated with the relevant services should you choose to use that service. The additional terms provided with the services would then become part of your agreement with us if you decide to use the service.

Using our Services

Abidance to the policies set out for the services must be observed.

The services must not be misused or accessed in a manner which is not specified by the company. Interference must not be made with the Services framework or with the interface method laid down by the company. Services may only be used as allowed ethically and by the law, including applicable export and control laws and regulations. Suspension or termination of services may occur on non-compliance with company terms and policies.

Using the services provided by Starticles does not give you ownership of any intellectual property or the content that you access. The content provided should not be used unless permission is obtained from the owner or you are permitted by law. You are not permitted to use any logos or branding present in our services. No legal notices displayed with our services should be removed, obscured or altered in any sense.

Sometimes, our Services display some content which does not belong to Starticles. The entity that is hosting and providing that content is responsible for that particular content. At times, we may review content to determine if it violates our policies or not, the content then, might be removed if we reasonably believe that it violates our policies or the law.

Depending on the usage of our services, we may send you announcements and administrative messages along with other information. You may choose to cancel some of those communications.

Certain Services of Starticles are available to be used on mobile devices. These Services should not be used in such a way that they create hindrance and prevent you from abiding to the safety laws or traffic rules.

Your Account

In order to use some of our Services, you may need a Starticles Account. This account can be created by you or it may be assigned to you by an administrator such as your employer. In case the Starticles Account is being managed by your administrator, some additional terms may apply. It must be kept in mind that the administrator may hold access to your account and the ability to disable it.

To ensure the protection of your Starticles Account, please keep your account password confidential. The responsibility of any activity that occurs through your account is your responsibility entirely. Care must be taken to not use your Starticles Account password on third-party applications. If you find about unauthorized use of your password or account, please report the incident to Starticles.

Privacy and Copyright Protection

Our Privacy Policy would explain how we treat the personal data of our customers. The policy also explains the methods we implement to secure your privacy. By using our services you agree that Starticles can use your data according to the Privacy Policy’s outline.

Starticles responds strictly to the notices of copyright infringement in accordance with the process laid down by the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Starticles provides information to help copyright owners to identify the infringers and maintain their intellectual property. If you think your content is being misused and want to notify Starticles, you can contact us.

Your Content

Starticles offers some services which allow the user to upload, submit, store, send and receive their data. The ownership of this intellectual property will always be yours.

When content is uploaded, submitted or stored on Starticles, you are accepting the terms which state that Starticles is allowed to use, host, store, reproduce, modify and create derivatives of that content (including allowing translating of the content into different languages to allow better suiting of the content with the Services), publicly display, communicate and publish the content. The rights granted through this license to Starticles are for limited purpose only. They are only to allow Starticles to promote, improve and develop new Services which could be tailor-made and enhanced based on the usage. The license would continue even if you opt out of our services (for example, an article entry made into the site would continue even if you move away from the site). However this is not a universal rule on all the services offered by Starticles, some services offer removal and access to the content that Is given to Starticles. Also many services have settings which narrow down the content and the usage scope of that content that is submitted to the website. It should be ensured that you have the necessary and adequate rights to grant us the license of any content that you are posting and submitting to Starticles.

Here at Starticles, our automated systems monitor and analyze the content to provide you with personally relevant products and features. This allows customized search results including the ability to detect spyware and malware along with spam filtering. The automated monitoring and analysis of the content occurs during the sending, storing and receiving phase of the content, not while it is being modified.

More information about how Starticles uses the information that your provide to the website is provided in our detailed Privacy Policy or the additional terms which are Service specific. Feedback and suggestions pertaining to the Services are welcome. Starticles may use your feedback or suggestions without any obligation to you.

Modifying or Terminating

The team at Starticles is constantly striving to change and provide services according to the needs of the consumers. Hence we may add or remove elements or characteristics or we may suspend or altogether stop a Service.

The consumer is provided every right to opt out from using the services which Starticles is providing. We would be saddened to see you go and would strive to deliver better services. Starticles may also stop providing Services to you or add or create new limits to our Services at any time without notice.

We believe that your content is all yours by right and preserving and maintaining your access to such data is important. If a service is discontinued for any reason whatsoever, a notice would be given in advance to allow the removal of user-owned content.

Warranties and Disclaimers

Starticles provides its Services using a commercially reasonable level of aptitude and responsibility and we hope that you will enjoy using them but at the same time there are certain things that we, the Starticles team do not promise about our Services.

Other than whatever that has been set out in the terms, neither Starticles makes any specific promises about the Services and their provision. Our company does not make any commitments about the content that is provided along with the services. Also there is no promise about the reliability or ability of our services to cater to your needs. We provide our Services “as is”.

Some jurisdictions provide for certain warranties. But Starticles is excluded from these warranties to every extent which is permitted by law.


When permitted by law, Starticles and its suppliers and distributors will not be responsible for earnings or data, lost profits, monetary losses or unintended, resultant, retributive, special, or exemplary damages that are incurred while using the services.

To the extent which is permitted by the law laid down, the total liability of Starticles for any claims under the terms of warranty is limited to the amount that you have paid us to use the Services.

In all cases, Starticles will not be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.

Starticles recognizes that in some countries, the end consumer might have legal rights as a consumer. Procurement of services for a personal purpose means that nothing in these terms or any additional terms limits any consumer’s legal rights which may not be waived by contract.

Business use

If our services are being employed on behalf of a business or enterprise, that business accepts these terms. The business would hold Starticles immune to any liability and indemnify Starticles and its associates from any claim, action or proceedings that may arise from or are related to the use of our company’s Services. The business would also indemnify Starticles from any liability that arises from violation of these terms including all litigation costs, damages, claims, and/or legal fees.

Our Terms

The terms presented herein and additional terms presented with our Services could be modified to reflect changes made in the law or to our Service provisioning. The terms should be looked at on a regular basis. On changing the terms, we will notify you about the modifications in the terms. The notice for the modification of additional terms will be posted on the applicable service’s page. The changes made to the terms will not be applied before a period of fourteen days after the notice is posted except for changes that are made due to legal reasons or the changes that address new functionalities added in the service. The changes will not be applied in retrospect. In case of a disagreement with the terms for a service; you should opt to discontinue use of that Service.

In case of existence of any inconsistency between these terms and/or the additional terms, the additional terms would prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

These terms govern the relationship between Starticles and you. They do not create any third party beneficiary rights.

If you do not comply with these terms and we, Starticles do not take action immediately, this doesn’t mean that we are giving up any rights that we may have (such as taking action in the future).

Some countries do not allow British rules. If you are a resident of a company where British rules are not from being applicable, in that case, the country’s laws would become applicable. Otherwise you agree that the British laws excluding England’s choice or rules will apply to any disputes arising or relating to these terms or the Services. Similarly, if the courts of your country do not allow you to consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts in the UK, then your local jurisdiction and venue will apply to such disputes related to these terms. Otherwise, all the claims that arise out of or are related to these terms or services will be litigated exclusively in the UK Courts, and you and Starticles will consent to the personal jurisdiction in those courts.

To contact Starticles, visit our Contact Us page.

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