The leather sofa is comfortable and breathable. Compared with the fabric sofa, it is classic, atmospheric and high-quality. It is the representative of high quality in the sofa family, and it is also an enduring household product.

However, for a long time, the leather sofa market has been mixed, with fake and shoddy products flooded, and even the phenomenon of reverse elimination of bad money driving out good money. Consumers who are willing to buy leather sofas are often discouraged because of the "deep water".

In the period of slowing economic growth, the manufacture of leather sofas especially requires the spirit of craftsmanship, and leather sofa practitioners also need to honestly work hard and use "stupid methods" to make leather sofas synonymous with high quality and high price, and obtain medium and high quality. The approval of consumers to tide over the difficulties.

The three-layer structure of the sofa is from inside to outside. The structure of the sofa is: the inner layer, the main frame, which determines the basic shape and strength of the sofa. The frame is divided into inner frame and outer frame. The materials used are mainly wood, steel, plywood, MDF, solid wood, etc.; interlayer, filler, which determines the comfort of the sofa. It is mainly composed of brown silk, spring, bandage, sponge, silk cotton, etc. The outer layer and fabric determine the appearance and texture of the sofa. At present, fabric sofas, leather sofas, rattan sofas, leather-cloth sofas, and wood-cloth sofas on the market are all classified according to different fabrics. It can be seen from the three-layer structure of the sofa that different raw materials determine the final product quality.

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