Lan Cable Factory Introduces How To Use Cables

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There are a lot of things to pay attention to when using wires and cables, because after all, they are used to power on, so you must pay attention to some things to ensure safety when you use them at a high level, so many users are very careful when using them, but there will still be Some failures occur. At this time, we need to check whether our own method of use is correct. Then Lan Cable Factory introduces how to use cables safely?

1. When the cables cross each other, the high-voltage cable should be under the low-voltage cable. If one of the cables is protected by a pipe or separated by a partition within 1m before and after the intersection, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25m.

2. When the cable crosses the railway or road, it should be protected by a pipe, and the protection pipe should extend beyond 2m from the track or road surface.

3. The distance between the cable and the foundation of the building should be able to ensure that the cable is buried outside the building's water; when the cable is introduced into the building, it should be protected by a pipe, and the protection pipe should also extend beyond the building's water.

4. There should be a distance of 0.25~0.5m between the cable directly buried in the ground and the grounding of the general grounding device; the buried depth of the cable directly buried in the ground should generally not be less than 0.7m, and should be buried under the frozen soil layer.

Through the above introduction, Distribution Cable Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.


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