China Blackout Curtain Fabric Factory Introduces The Use Of Synthetic Fibers

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What are the curtain fabrics introduced by China Blackout Curtain Fabric Factory ?

1. Cotton Pure cotton has a soft texture and is suitable for making close-fitting clothing, but it has poor drape, is easy to shrink when washed, and has poor wrinkle resistance, so pure cotton is not suitable for making curtains.

2. Linen The relationship between the so-called linen fabric and linen is not so great. The curtain fabric is mainly linen, but the linen is easy to wrinkle, which affects the drape of the curtain. Even 14*14 high-density pure linen will wrinkle, and the linen cannot withstand exposure to the sun, so the curtain fabric is rarely made of pure linen. of.

3. Synthetic fibers Polyester is the synthetic fiber with the largest output. Using it as a curtain has the advantages of stiffness, durability, wrinkle resistance, non-stickiness, good drape, and easy care. In addition, blending other fibers can achieve the natural effect of cotton and linen. Therefore, this material is simply "a natural material for curtains", and it is perfect for living room curtains.

Through the above introduction, China Antibacterial Fabrics Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.


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