Tips for Selecting Photo Frames for Pictures

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Framing your favorite photos is an excellent way to enjoy cherished memories every day of the year. You can also frame images that mark milestones, such as your first successful photography competition. Before you get started, here are some important tips for choosing the best wooden photo frame manufacturers for every picture.

Wood frames exude a natural vibe and can fit seamlessly into any style of home, from rustic to modern. Since wood frames come in many color variations, you can find one to match the aesthetic of any room. You can also choose natural woods—such as mahogany, birch, or cherry—for a classic appeal.

Before you shop for a wood frame, you should know about three common options. The first alternative is natural wood, which is wood that has not been modified by sanding or refinishing since it was cut from a tree. Natural wood frames may feature the wood’s original color, or they could be stained to a different tone. While natural wood frames are often quite beautiful, they tend to be less durable and more expensive than other wood frame choices.

The other two wood frame options—medium density fiberboard (MDF) and finger-jointed poplar—are both made of recycled materials. MDF typically features sawdust adhered together with a binder. While some people perceive it as a less expensive and less desirable option, you should know that MDF is very durable. That durability makes MDF an excellent choice for casual framing. If you’re in the market for cheap picture frames that can stand the test of time, MDF may be the right choice for you.

Also made of recycled wood, finger-jointed poplar frames are made from scrap lumber. This wood frame style features scrap wood bonded together with a laminate cover for an even surface. It’s more similar to natural wood than MDF while still retaining the ecological benefits of being made from recycled materials.

Whether you’ve printed photos at home or used one of the best photo printing websites, you’ll want to put your pictures on display. There are many frame choices available, so you can definitely score the best one for all your photographs. Although many home decorations factory offers frames, you can also opt for custom photo frames to accentuate your decorative style.


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