Plastic Chair Classification

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Taizhou Huangyan Aoxu Mould Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing plastic Chair Mold, including rattan chairs, baby chairs, plastic daily chairs, beach chairs, non-armchairs, PC chairs, gas-assisted chairs, etc. The plastic chair is a relatively hot item, so AOXU can provide customers with high-quality mold solutions.

Chairs are commonly used daily necessities in the market, and the quality of a good chair and a poor chair can be described as extremely different. A chair of poor quality is not strong, the hand is not round and smooth, it is easy to scratch the hand, and the life span is short. So how do design a good chair? We have listed some quality points for designing chair molds for reference:

Chair mold cycle In terms of reducing the cycle of the chair mold, we have designed a good waterway, and will check whether the waterway is straight and whether the direction of the waterway is consistent with the shape of the chair, etc.;

Chair mold life The quality of steel is a key point that affects the life of the mold. Plastic chairs of different materials need to choose the appropriate mold steel: P20 is the most common mold steel used for PP chair molds, which can be injected 500Kor run continuously for 2 years; Using DIN1.2738 of HRC 33-38, the mold life is 1M or continuous operation for 3 years; 1.2083, S136 is very suitable for PC transparent chair molds, and the mold life can reach at least 5M.

AOXU can provide a complete, economical, beautiful, and practical Plastic Injection Mold solution according to the needs of different customers. Please contact us for consultation.


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