4 Different Modules of a Comprehensive Workforce Management Software

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Are you tired of scheduling your workforce and managing their workflow? Here’s what you require – the enhanced WFM solutions. When it comes to purchasing the right workforce management software, the very first thing we consider is the comprehensive range of features. Effective features only happen when you have a complete package of workforce solutions. Hence, the need for an ideal WFM software.

In this article, we will talk about the top specific modules that make workforce management software great in its own aspects. Keep reading to understand the modules you should have in your WFM solution.

4 Different modules of a comprehensive workforce management software

Recruitment and onboarding:

Recruitment and onboarding are the most significant sections of the workforce management process. The tool performs tons of jobs without adding any extra pressure. These include - sharing job ads on different recruitment portals, screening the job applicants, conducting interviews, and finalizing the potential candidates.

Once you are completed with the recruitment process, you can kickstart the onboarding thing with the same software solution. It takes less time to accumulate candidate details and store them privately in one database.

Learning and development:

Learning and development is another essential segment that improves employee knowledge and skillsets. Usually, a training and development team takes the responsibility to educate the new hires and the employees within the organization. The training sessions are usually based on new tools and new technologies that are required for a new project. The employees can easily access the digital sessions, thus helping the individuals whenever they have any query related to any specific subject.

Payroll processing and management:

Now, coming to payroll processing and management. Usually, we always have separate software for this module. However, you still can have an integrated one that you can use to update employee payroll details, generate payslips, and provide legal forms related to the payroll process.

These WFM solutions usually have three specific features. IT declaration, payslip generation, payroll database. The payroll managers fetch the leave and attendance data from the software and calculate the payroll accordingly.

Time and attendance management:

Finally, we have a time and attendance management module that further helps staff scheduling. The tool keeps an eye on the employee’s time-ins and time-outs, forecasts the vacant positions based on the employee leave requests, and schedules the staff to maintain consistency in business workflow. There is no wrong in investing in such workforce management tools where you get everything in one package.



Does your workforce management software contain all these above-mentioned modules? If not, it's time to make a change for sure. Upgrade your workforce management strategy by implementing result-driven WFM solutions. They do offer good features to turn your team productive, ensuring compliance and a smooth workflow.


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