Battery Blinds Motor Manufacturers Introduces The Purchase Requirements For Electric Blinds

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Battery Blinds Motor Manufacturers Introduces How to buy Motorized Shades Blinds:

Purchasing curtain motors mainly depends on the quality of the motor: the motor is undoubtedly the most central position in the entire electric curtain, not only carrying the function of pulling the curtain, but also the most important part of intelligence.

At present, there are two types of curtain motors: AC motors and DC motors. The power of the DC motor will be smaller, and the weight of the curtain cloth that can be driven will be lighter. The greater the motor power, the greater the noise, and vice versa. A curtain motor with a power of 13W can drive about 50kg of curtain fabric.

In terms of power supply, the motor is also powered by a power socket and a lithium battery. If the water and electricity lines in the home do not have an interface near the curtain, and you do not want to use the open wire to affect the overall appearance of the home, you can choose the lithium battery version of the curtain motor. The lithium battery version of the curtain motor currently on the market can basically be charged once. Use for about half a year.

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