Product diversification and differentiated demand

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Liquid eyeliner with mechanical smoothness. The eyeliner tube designed by Jinyi has also undergone great changes. Almost all successful designs have such a function that you can complete a perfect makeup line with only one operation. Therefore, all these new products are developed to bring more convenience to consumers so that they can accurately outline the eyeliner, and only need to complete one operation without constant makeup.

From the formulator's point of view, issues such as flexibility and packaging compatibility must be addressed so that liquid eyeliners can be stored and transported safely. Of course, the premise is that the packaging principles and raw materials required for these products have been greatly developed and implemented. Eyeliner pigments have been further developed to create a certain degree of opacity and color depth, and it is very important to ensure that they are not filtered out when blended with the formula on the makeup pen tip.

The technology on the nib has also made great progress, from hair to fiber brush, to complex and delicate elastic resin, and even a series of surface treatment technologies to beautify the appearance and improve the quality of lines. Through these improvements, only the formula design needs to be processed to maximize the performance of these makeup nibs to provide users with satisfactory makeup effects.

Cosmetic pens are in demand for further development of market participants and cooperative suppliers in this field. By capturing and satisfying the needs of consumers, using the most advanced technology and raw materials to meet these expectations can lead to endless new product development. With the increasing demand for product diversification and differentiation, greater development is required in terms of new applications, raw materials, and services tailored to consumer needs.

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