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When you plan a website or application then it’s not just the functionality of it that matters but it is also required that it well understood by the user. If you want to create a digital product with great UX, you can’t skip thoroughly researched, in-depth learning to know your user, and the process of graphic interface design. For these tasks to perform smoothly, you definitely need designers.

Here we are going to discuss about UI/UX Developers and the need to hire them.

Who is a UI/UX Developer and Why to hire one?

A UI/UX developer is someone who is solely responsible for monitoring the experience of users on your website or application. They must have a great understanding of user behaviour and this is why you a view them as part psychologist and part web developer. Hiring the best UX developer comes with the perks that he/she clearly understands how to align business/marketing goals with technology. Hiring a good UI/UX developer will require you to understand the skills and responsibilities of the UI/UX developers and also what they can do for you to ease your work.

With the development of the internet industry, occupations like UI design has become very popular. But still there are many people who are not clear about UI/UX designer responsibilities. So here we are going to discuss some of the main roles that every UI/UX developer has to perform this will guide you in the hiring process in a better way.

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UI Designer Responsibilities

1.    Responsible for the product interface design, creative work, and production work.

2.    Design and layout the web page by using top prototyping tools. To apply interactive elements to make the web page appear more vivid.

3.    Interaction design mainly includes the operation flow, tree structure, and operation specification of software.

4.    Test the beauty of the interface and the feasibility of the product by users. Then record the user feedback.

5.    According to the user feedback to optimize the design so that the product meets the needs of users.

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UX Designer Responsibilities

1.    Make an analysis of competitive products from the business objectives, user needs, and brand direction. Collecting the relevant data, interview users and then issue a requirements document.

2.    Clear the thoughts of product and draw a use flow chart. Make low-fidelity prototypes and modify them to make out the final plan of prototyping design.

3.     According to the prototype design, they are required to determine the initial interaction plan. Make low-fidelity prototypes and to determine the final interactive plan on the base of user testing.

4.    Determine the interface style and layout, and design the key interface text.

5.    Test the feasibility of the product and find out the problem.

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ExpertTal has an all-in-one solution for hiring a UI/UX developer

Whether you are looking forward to Hire expert UI designer or a UX developer for your end-to-end dedicated development, ExpertTal is always here to provide you the best resources. Our highly experienced developers consider all the comprehensive details and are aimed at delivering the best solutions at the competitive prices. With many years of industry experience, ExpertTal’s developers ensure that your application’s look is visually striking with a cohesive design capable of delivering the required impact on your visitors. We use the most advanced technologies, and ensure you that whatever design is planned by our developers it is efficiently translated into a clear, concise and functioning code. When you hire your User Interface designer from ExpertTal, they ensure that they dive deep to comprehend and quantity your requirements to provide inimitable solutions which can cater an engaging experience.

A great place to look for a UI/UX Developer is on ExpertTal and we are not just saying this, look at the key features and benefits of our platform:

1.    Search thousands of profiles from the large pool of pre-screened developers as per the experience and skill level you need.

2.    Hire the Verified and Certified people through online/offline assessment platform integration

3.    Leverage skilled and cost effective geography (India / Philippines / Russia / Romania and Poland) for on-site and remote working

4.  Leverage experienced and experts senior people from Industry for virtual/part-time senior management roles

5.    We constantly nurture and groom talented IT resources who have potential to become consultants.

6.    We help in creating quality teams with multi location resources.

7.    Agencies can benefit from our platform to get work for the team

8.    Best of all, with ExpertTal you can save time and money in one click

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Hire UI/UX developers from ExpertTal & give your users a great experience

User Experience and User Interaction are among the most critical elements of the overall development process, and it is capable to drive any application or website to success. With rich user experience, elegant designs and intuitive user interfaces, we are dedicated to derive customer delight and ensure online success for our clients. At ExpertTal, we aim to deliver unmatched UI and UX development services to our clients that enriches their website user interface while incorporating astoundingly interactive applications. With ExpertTal, you can smoothly hire UI/UX designers to get the immersive web experiences developed and our process is simple and hassle free.

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With our UX developer services, we ensure that at every stage of the project development, the end-users stay at the core and is delighted with the unmatched user experience. Whether it is a mobile device tablet or desktop when you hire UI designers from ExpertTal your users are served with elegant front-end design beautiful interfaces and informed interaction design.

If you have made your mind to make UI/UX, a powerful, flexible, and secure end-to-end data analytics platform, a part of your organization then we are with you in this and we’re experts in helping companies find great talent, and we’re ready to help you find your next star employee. At ExpertTal, we provide you talented and dedicated UI/UX Developers to hire according to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today so we can start talking about your unique hiring needs.



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