How to solve the fading problem of knitted gloves?

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Nowadays, knitted gloves have been widely used in our lives and work, protecting the health of our hands, from factories, construction sites, to home kitchens, you can see them everywhere. Because our daily use environment is relatively harsh and lacks maintenance methods, we often encounter the problem of fading, so how can we alleviate such problems?

1. Before use, it can be soaked in saltwater

After purchasing the protective gloves, soak them in saltwater for about 40 minutes. In daily cleaning and maintenance, you can also add a certain amount of salt to the water. If you persist for a long time, the fading problem can be alleviated. When drying, we can reverse the gloves to prevent long-term sun exposure.

2. The role of vinegar cannot be ignored

Among the labor protection gloves, yarn and cotton gloves can be soaked in vinegar after purchase, and the time should not be too long, which can not only prevent fading but also make the gloves shinier. In daily use, rubber gloves should be prevented from long-term contact with sharp objects. Acid-base materials are not suitable for contact with such gloves. After use, talcum powder can be used for maintenance.

During the use of labor protection gloves, one type of glove should not be used in multiple usage scenarios. We have to choose the right type of gloves according to the characteristics of the work. For work-related to electricity, we need to use insulated gloves. For work-related to mechanical cutting, cutting gloves should be selected accordingly. Different types of labor protection gloves have specific uses. We must choose according to actual work scenarios to protect our hand safety.

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