Principle of Reed Diffuser

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Reed diffusers, known as "rattan incense" and "non-fire incense" in the industry, are environmentally friendly air fresheners and furniture daily necessities very popular in Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea in recent years.

For hundreds of years, Europeans have used aromatic perfumes to keep the fresh smell of their living spaces, while Mediterranean Europeans filled their favorite essential oils into blank olive oil bottles. At the turn of the millennium, rattan incense became popular in the American market, and the media and TV programs also began to promote rattan incense to create a better natural spice living space. This has been recognized and loved by more Europeans and Americans.

The principle of rattan essence: the finished product of essence liquid diffuses into the air through a certain carrier (such as rattan, grass flower, cotton rope, etc.). Inject fragrance into the air, and achieve the effect of improving the air and making the body and mind happy.

Usually, a simple combination only requires a container, rattan and essential oils.

Container: usually glass bottle, ceramic bottle, plastic bottle

Rattan: usually white vine, willow/vine, reed

Aromatherapy essential oils: Obtained by diluting natural essential oils or artificial essential oils with a diluent.

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