How did lipstick develop in the early twentieth century?

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At the beginning of the 20th century, lipstick became a rebellious symbol of feminism. Feminists put on lipstick and walked to the street to hold demonstrations, seeming to be telling everyone: I can control my body.

The artificial barrier was broken. Red is no longer a single color. It also represents vigorous vitality. With the history of women's struggle, it gradually changes its status in people's minds.

While the symbolic meaning of lipstick has changed, the production process of lipstick has matured day by day. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were more and more styles of lipsticks, with rotating lipsticks and slider lipsticks, the colors became richer.

In the 1930s, World War II and the Great Depression swept through, and Europe fell into a difficult situation. Such a predicament did not affect the status of lipstick. Instead, it established a stable position for hundreds of years thereafter.

It turned out that during the war, people were depressed and repeatedly frustrated. In order to boost morale, women were allowed to enter the army with bright lipstick. Soldiers immediately became excited when they saw the energetic women, and the war was also won. Smart merchants have also captured this business opportunity and made the lipstick into a bullet style.

In addition, the price of a red is not high. The merchants put on the slogan "Put on lipstick, you are the queen". During the Great Depression, shy women in their pockets flocked to them. After all, they couldn't afford expensive jewelry. , Buy a lipstick head office.

Today, lipstick has become an ideology, awakening people's instinct to pursue beauty. As an aluminum lipstick case manufacturer, Ningbo Jinyi Daily Chemical Package Co., Ltd. is committed to designing and producing lipstick tubes, mascara containers and various cosmetic packaging.


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