Material Classification Of Pu Office Chairs

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PU office chairs is one of the most popular office chairs, and most of its materials are polyurethane.

Polyurethane is divided into two categories: wet method and dry method. It is a polymer solution system with a transparent or slightly turbid appearance, and the solid content is about (30-35)%, which means that (65-70)% is Solvent. Simply put, 1 ton of slurry contains (650-700) kilograms of solvent. For the dry process, it contains so much toluene and methyl ethyl ketone. The amount of toluene is larger because the solubility of toluene is better. In terms of the method, it contains 650-700 kg of pure DMF. Therefore, for the slurry, the price changes of toluene and DMF have greatly affected the cost of the slurry. The reason is very simple that the amount is large.

The above is about the classification of polyurethane and some understanding; for more details, please visit mesh office chairs for sale .


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