Analyze the advantages of natural latex gloves and PVC gloves

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Rubber gloves are one of the commonly used items in our lives. There are many varieties of them. According to the material, they can be divided into natural latex gloves, nitrile rubber gloves, natural rubber gloves, PVC gloves, PVA gloves, etc.

Generally speaking, natural latex has a better protective effect on aqueous solutions, such as acid and alkali aqueous solutions. Its advantages are comfort, good elasticity and flexible use.

Excellent non-slip grip and good heat insulation, suitable for an oil-free environment. For water-based chemicals, such as alcohols, acid and alkali aqueous solutions have a good protective effect. Comfortable and flexible, with a good tear, puncture, abrasion and cutting performance.

However, it has poor protection against organic solvents and is not resistant to oil. A small number of people who are allergic to latex protein should not use it.

PVC has a protective effect on a large number of water-soluble chemical substances, such as acids, alkalis, etc., but cannot protect against organic substances such as solvents, because many solvents will dissolve the plasticizer, which will not only cause pollution but also greatly reduce the barrier of the gloves. Features.

It has a strong anti-chemical corrosion ability and has a protective effect on a large number of water-soluble chemical substances, such as acids, alkalis, amines, peroxides, etc.

But it cannot protect against organic solvents. Many organic solvents can dissolve plasticizers in gloves, causing rapid penetration of chemicals. When the use temperature is too high, the vinyl chloride produced by the high-temperature decomposition of the glove is toxic.

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