An electric meter is an instrument and equipment used to measure electrical energy. This type of equipment is also called a watt-hour meter and an electric energy meter. And many electric meters are calculated in the unit of a kilowatt-hour, that is, kilo watt-hour meter .

Most of the current meters are designed with multiple functions, and most of the meters now have multiple functions. The multifunctional electric meter can be used to measure current, voltage, and electric power, and it is a measuring device with specific functions. The working principle of the multifunctional electric meter is very simple. The multifunctional electric meter mainly uses the magnetic field action of the conductor in the magnetic field to form a measurement.

Electricity meters can be divided into DC watt-hour meters and AC watt-hour meters according to the circuits they use. For example, the power supply in our home is AC, so it is an AC watt-hour meter. AC watt-hour meters can be divided into single-phase watt-hour meters, three-phase three-wire watt-hour meters, and three-phase four-wire watt-hour meters according to their circuits. Households with large electricity consumption also use three-phase four-wire watt-hour meters, and industrial users use three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire watt-hour meters.

Now, most of the three phase electricity meter is used by households.


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