Principle Of Single Phase Electromechanical Kwh Meter

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Everyone knows the watt-hour meter, and almost everyone has it in their homes. Everyone has heard of single-phase electric meters and electromechanical watt-hour meters, but I don’t know if they have heard of single phase electromechanical kwh meter .

Single phase electromechanical kwh meter is a combination of single phase electromechanical kwh meter and electromechanical kwh meter from its name. It has the functions and advantages of two electric meters. The electric energy meter obtains the voltage sampling signal from the voltage divider, the current transformer obtains the current sampling signal, the voltage and current product signal is obtained through the multiplier, and then the frequency conversion generates an electric energy measurement pulse whose frequency is proportional to the product of the voltage and current, and the generated electric energy pulse The signal is sent to the CPU through the photocoupler for processing, and stored in the non-volatile EEPROM after calculation, and provides a display.

The working principle of single phase electromechanical kwh meter is not much different from ordinary electric meters, and it is not much different from three phase electromechanical kwh meter .


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