Analyze the difference between lipstick and lip glaze

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Lipstick is a big category. Generally speaking, lipstick in people's mouths refers to a lip balm with a creamy texture. In addition to lip balm, lipsticks are divided into many types according to their textures. Among them, lip glaze and lipstick are used more, and these two styles have better texture. The difference in texture makes them have many differences in makeup effect, color rendering, and durability. You can choose according to your personal needs.

Both lipstick and lip glaze can be divided into moisturizing and matte models, and the matte models can also be subdivided into a velvet model. Compared with the lip glaze, the moisturizing lipstick is not as durable as the latter, but it is easier to spread than the latter and spreads more evenly. The lip glaze is too sticky because it is not easy to push, and it is very easy to push on the mouth. Easy to stick together. In terms of color rendering, lip glaze is better. For people with darker lip color, it is better to choose lip glaze, but lip glaze shows lip wrinkles than lipstick. Lipstick and lip glaze will fade away from the cup, but the lip glaze is longer lasting.

The matte version of lipstick and lip glaze, both textures will be dry, moisturizing work should be done before applying, in addition, the matte lipstick will show some lip lines, you can cover the flaw before applying. In the matte version, the velvet texture lipstick is relatively dry. If you think the matte is too dry, you can choose it.

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