Use cosmetics packaging to distinguish applicable people

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With the improvement of people's living standards, consumption in the cosmetics market is increasing day by day. Today, the cosmetics market has matured day by day, but can all the cosmetics on the market meet the needs of all consumers? the answer is negative. The future cosmetics market should be increasingly segmented to meet the market needs of different regions and groups of people.

For many people, cosmetics have begun to be subdivided gradually, such as men's cosmetics, women's cosmetics, children's cosmetics and elderly cosmetics. Different consumer groups have different market needs and consumption characteristics. The packaging of cosmetic bottles should also be designed according to market segmentation. Men's cosmetic bottles are mostly masculine, individual and easy to use. Women's cosmetic bottles are mostly warm, romantic and feminine. Children's cosmetic bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and children's psychological needs. For the elderly, cosmetic bottles should be reflected in the humanized design and ease of use.

Choosing suitable for the different needs of various age groups and people, and designing different packaging is of great significance to product sales.

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