Due to the advantages of high accuracy, low power consumption, low starting current, wide load range, and no mechanical wear, single phase meter is more and more widely used. However, there are many manufacturers of electronic watt-hour meters on the market at present, with uneven quality and poor selection. Not only can they not take advantage of the advantages of electronic watt-hour meters, but it will bring undue losses and increase the workload of maintenance and management. Therefore, it is best to understand all aspects before choosing an electric meter.

There is a principle for the wiring of the watt-hour meter, that is, "The current coil is connected in series with the load, and the voltage coil is connected in parallel with the load. Under normal circumstances, we don’t need to remember which is the current coil and which is the voltage coil. There are four binding posts in the junction box below the table, from left to right from the "1" terminal to the "4" terminal. In general, the connection is carried out according to the "1" and "3" terminals to connect to the power supply. And the "1" terminal should be connected to a live wire.

The wiring of the electric meter needs to follow this principle, and the electronic energy meter also needs to apply this principle.


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