Managers use three types of interviews while hiring interviews which are, selection, appraisal, and exit interviews. The appraisal interview is discussion-based that follows the performance appraisal. It involves the conversation between the supervisor and the employee where the ratings and actions that need to be conducted or taken are discussed. The second type is the exit interview that takes place when an employee leaves a company. This type is conducted to find out why the employees are leaving and if the company may have some fundamental issues supervisors or managers may not be oblivious of. Then there is Selection interviews that are classified according to different structures, their content, the type of questions they contain, and how the interviews are administered by the firm. In a nondirective or unstructured interview, the manager's questions have no set format. This allows the interviewer to ask follow-up questions that come up to mind spontaneously as a response to the employee’s answers. A few questions might follow the same patterns but the interviewers have options to deviate from a scripted interview. In a structured interview, the questions are already specified and in some cases, there is a rating system or points system for the answers or response given. This is how the U.S. government interviews are held, every applicant gets the same questions and has a fixed time allotted to answer the questions. The structured interview increases consistency and is standardized across all candidates. In a situational interview, candidates are asked what their behavior would be in a particular given situation. This is done to assess specific skills during situations that may arise during the performance of the job and hence test that how an employee would work under pressure. Candidates come across hypothetical problems or situations. They are asked how they would handle it or to describe a potential solution.



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