Photosynthesis is a process that is carried by plants, with the help of naturally occurring things. This process requires some of the elements that are already present in the atmosphere, if any of the elements would be missing the process of photosynthesis could not be conducted. Photosynthesis requires sunlight, water source, soil, and carbon dioxide. this process starts with the help of seed, as putting a seed in the soil will result in a plant. This process involves the steps and the working procedure of the plant. through this process, plants emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. this process is conducted in the presence of sunlight because plants can not grow until any element of the production is missing from the place. Plants have got root through which they absorb water and abstracts other minerals from the soil. And with the help of sunlight, they convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants have two different kinds of operation in a day, in the morning or in other words, we could say that in the presence of sunlight they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and at night they release harmful gasses that is harmful to the human if inhaled, and they also absorb carbon dioxide at night in the absence of sunlight. these plants have little tiny pores on their surface through which they emit the extra water which they have already absorbed in the presence of sunlight. Through this process plants make their own food and start growing day by day, after getting matured they start making food for example mango, banana, etc for humans as well. They have been working day and night without any break for us, so it is our duty to save them from any kind of harm ie, parasites. I request the whole world to stop deforestation, cutting down trees for entertainment purposes and for furniture use.


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