China And Its Economic Growth

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China is the world’s second-largest economy in the world. And the most densely populated countries in the world. Chinese people are known as the working robots. They had been investing a lot in the field of production that makes their products relatively cheaper easily affordable for people all around the globe. They started their journey of growth in the early 1960s and by now they are one of the leading economies of the world. They started their journey by taking command over the immovable assets and productive assets. And while working for their economic growth, they raised funds in the sector of education to make education easily affordable for their people. They even invested in private companies and industry and the government not only gave them relaxation and concession but also gave industries a bit of freedom as well to maximize their growth. Foreign trade and investment were liberalized and thus the economic development graph increased, and it is getting better day by day. According to the experts, if Chinese economic growth kept rising with this flow, they will ultimately leave the economic growth of the US in twenty years. Apart from all the efforts they have been investing they have also been investing in overseas projects as well, and also forming overseas combined ventures with particular companies as well. Chinese labor is less expensive and more productive that is the reason why the world shows interest in collaborating with them. They have also been making heavy machinery, reforming new products that are available in the market at cheap prices. They are one of the biggest suppliers of the world as well. Apart from all this, they are one of the superpowers of the world as well which gained them a lot of popularity and admiration as well.


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