China As A Emerging State

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China is the third-largest country in the world and is the most densely populated country in the world with a population of 1.4 billion people. In China, most people are influenced by Buddhism. And Islam is said to be the fastest-growing religion in China. Chinese people are known as working robots, the poverty rate is 1.7 percent. Just because of the densely populated country the wages of people are relatively low, but job efficiency is very high. The average efficiency of a Chinese worker/labor is two times higher than the labor working in other countries which is the best thing that is beneficial for the Chinese economy. Chinese people are even known as one of the best workers as well, many international brands, companies, firms conduct their business in China. Even the most renowned brands assemble their products in China. Most of the heavy machinery is even available at low prices in China and people consider China as their first option when it comes to buying heavy machinery. Apart from all this Chinese, are one of the most hardworking, strong, and passionate people. Even after the outbreak of covid-19, the lockdown, and all the mishaps, China somehow managed everything quite easily and efficiently. It was china where this virus originated from, it was such a big disaster that china could face, but still, they somehow put an end to the Covid, and the city where it originated from is now virus-free. These Chinese people are one of the best manufacturers in the world as well as we all are accused of using premium Chinese products at cheap prices. China's production cost is relatively lesser than the other countries because of cheap labor. These Chines have been consistently providing the world with ease and now the whole world needs them.


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