Are We Moving Towards Evolution Or De-evolution

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We all have to admit that we as being humans are polluting, destroying, and putting a world to an edge where it would be had for the human race to survive. Even after being vegetarian, we are still buying branded leather jackets, wool cloths, and items that are made by killing animals. We don’t understand but all these animals are also a part of the earth, these animals help in producing fertilizers, through which plans are grown up, and indirectly when plants grow up we cut them for our expensive furniture, products, etc. but we don’t understand that these trees, the plant was a source of food for wildlife who have been continuously providing minerals to the earth. By putting an end to the tree we are not only ending the source of food for wildlife but we are also varnishing the source of oxygen for us and for wildlife as well. What I have noticed is that the world is shifting towards the e-power, which is obviously not going to cover up the mess which we have already created but it will help us in creating a better environment in the world. If we keep on destroying the world as we are doing now, it would results in natural disasters for us as we have seen in the past. It is not only causing natural disasters but it is also resulting in great climatic change.



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