How Coronavirus Haunted The World

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Covid-19 is basically a virus that caused coronavirus, which not only affected china but it affected the whole world, and up till now it is still spreading. even after the vaccination, it is still affecting people. The best thing about this virus is that it shows symptoms that are very mild, and an affected person could be healed without any special treatment, but In some cases, peoples were also dying. This outbreak put lockdown which caused the shutting of industries, firms, and small businesses as well. Not even a single firm was allowed to carry out their business, even the food industry was also shut for several days. But after some time stores were given permission to proceed with their business. Everyone was asked to maintain social distancing, as this virus was spreading from person to person. The demand for masks, sanitizer, antibacterial products went high which caused an increment in the prices for these products. Covid affected most of the people who were above 45. And the death ratio for people above 45 was larger than any ratio. people were asked to stay at home, they were even asked to avoid social gatherings, and asked to wear the mask, and also asked to carry hand sanitizer. The ratio of infected people was that much high that the government asked the people to stay at their home, even the hospital asked everyone to stay at their homes and self isolate themselves. This pandemic was such a big disaster for mankind that cause the life of 2.06 million people worldwide. Covid is still fluctuating in the world, please stay home, and maintain social distancing.



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