Developed Country Vs. Under Developing Country

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Malaysia is one of the countries where one can easily operate or conduct business, the best thing about Malaysia is that it is a developing country which could be beneficial in our favor economic environment. Malaysia’s rules and regulations and its infrastructure are so strong because of its rapidly growing economy. If anyone from the world thinks of taking their business internationally by expanding business in Malaysia, it would result in the economic growth of Malaysia, and obviously, the company would also get full advantage of law and enforcement, and the support from the political environment because there is no bribes or any diversification in the conducting the business by following the law. The best thing in the Malaysian economy is that the local competition in their market is very low which could be in our favor. The social environment of Malaysia is different from the rest of the world because people living over there are from different countries and background, and the labor is relatively cheap in Malaysia which would result in cheap labor and cost-cutting/reducing strategies could easily be implemented within Malaysia Therefore working in such an environment (Malaysian) could be beneficial for anyone in every way because the labor living over there is cheap which would result in low producing costs which would save us a lot of profit. The second thing is that the policy and the rules and regulation are strict over there which would ultimately result in a good working environment as it would be better for the vendor to fit in the environment because he won’t be teased by the third part that demand bribe against conducting our business in their home town.

As looking at the government of Vietnam its infrastructure is weak and it is not having strict laws and regulations and bribe is normal in Vietnam in order to conduct the business. Due to bribes, one can conduct the business locally or illegally with the help of bribes thus the competitors are higher over there and the cost of competition in their market is very high and the infrastructure is weak. The cheap labor cost of production is very low in Vietnam which is good for anyone conducting business, but the business would not be stable due to unstable infrastructure and no rules and regulations. The material is available in the local market which makes the cost of production low and it indirectly results in lower profit. In Vietnam, the local distribution network is quite unsatisfied as the prices of the products vary on the supplier's product and its price.

Georgia oliver 1 Year

very much information but I would like to add that their no strict rules and regulations in the developing country and you are free to do most of the things..

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