Why IPhone Is Better Then Android

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When it comes on buying phone, I would personally buy iPhone, even if it is iPhone 6s over Samsung galaxy s10. It is not about the looks but it is all about the interface, speed, and security that matters. IPhone have got one of the world best security system, it provides their users with ICloud that enables them to save their data in the best safest way. My main reason of buying an iPhone is that I wanted a powerful software with reasonable after market value and iPhone provided it. It is one of the best aftermarket phone ever. IPhone is the simplest phone and human interference is hence on of the best in the world. IPhone gives their users 3D touch button. It is faster than android, even the s8 plus fails to compete with iPhone 7plus.

If I had to choose my phone no on the basis of specification but on the basis of looks, I would definitely choose Samsung without any delay. As I mentioned about the iPhone interface, it is user friendly. People says that the touch home haven’t change in a while, but in recent update iPhone have given their user to put widgets, clock, notification panel etc. on their home screen so that they could enjoy the new features of iOS. The worst thing about android is their update, hence on the other hand Apple is providing their customers with the updates that is available for almost every iPhone users except for the old model. OS updates when you want them


John duncan 3 Years

I totally agree with you, but the comfort and the relief which android provides to its user are of next level. .

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