How International Companies Maintains Their Standards

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The word KFC stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is one of the most renowned multinational firms which lies under the yum brand. No doubt KFC is maintaining its standard throughout the world while being multinational organization with the same taste and same standards. In order to maintain the standard, KFC is equipped with one of the most efficient and standardized structure when it come on its supply chain, as supply chain is the backbone of any company. It not easy maintaining fast and rapid service and just to please the customers KFC stocks the product ( that includes un-fried and frozen items ) in quantity which in future result in better customer service. They stores chicken, flour, Sauces, cheese, buns, vegetables and everything have their own expiry date. And the expiry date is always checked daily which result in disposal of items. At the same time they are maintaining their standards for keeping the right thing in the right temperature for example the temperature of cooked item (i.e. Hot and crispy chicken) should be more than 60 centigrade and the MRD for it would be of one and a half hour. And passing by the MRD no matter how much H&C chicken is present in the pan, would be thrown away.

MRD is manufacture-ready-discard time. Each and every thing prevailing KFC have its own MRD, even if it is frozen item. What if I tell you the sink sanitizer is also having MRD? And that MRD least for 4 hours only and then the sink sanitizer is drained away and new sink sanitizer is made. This way sink sanitizer is made 4 time a day, which is the best practice KFC could be through. This differential things make up a organization, that could easily prevail in the market. And if we talk about the Refinement I don’t think that any organization could keep up with the same practice they have been following. This all process requires a flow of product with fifo (FIRST IN FIRST OUT). These are some of the things that every other organization should be through in a long run, and I am sure that it would make their quality of product better than anyone in the world.


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