As we all know, an electronic energy meter is an instrument used to measure electrical energy, which refers to an instrument that tests various electrical quantities. So, do you know the calculation formula of the electronic energy meter, one of the electric energy meters?

The electronic energy meter metering chip is two ADCs. After synchronous sampling, U and I are obtained, and the angle φ of the phase difference between U and I is obtained at the same time. The cost of obtaining φ is lower), the household electric energy meter only gives the active power P = U * I * cosφ, this calculation is relatively simple.

When using the electric energy meter, pay attention to that, in the case of low voltage (not more than 500 volts) and small current (tens of amperes), the electric energy meter can be directly connected to the circuit for measurement. In the case of high voltage or high current, the electric energy meter cannot be directly connected to the line, and it needs to be used with a voltage transformer or a current transformer.

Both electronic energy meter and single phase meter need to pay attention to the above problems when connecting.

Georgia oliver 1 Year

very in formative. i would wan to learn more about single phase meter. and want to know about the uses of it. .

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