With the rapid development of my country's economy, the demand for electricity from households and all walks of life continues to grow, and the electric meter was born. An electric meter is an instrument we use to measure electrical energy. Also called watt-hour meter, fire meter, or kilowatt-hour meter. It is an instrument used to measure various electrical quantities. With the rapid development of technology, various electric meters have appeared, and a single phase meter is one of them.

A single-phase meter is used for active power measurement. It has accurate measurement, modularity, and small size (18mm), which can be easily installed in various terminal distribution boxes; rail installation, bottom wiring, and perfect coordination with miniature circuit breakers; intuitive and easy-to-read machine display The screen reduces the risk of data loss due to accidental power outages; no external power supply is required; wide operating temperature range; and other advantages. Because of these advantages, it was loved by everyone as soon as it went on the market, and the demand for it has always been great.

What is popular as a single-phase meter is that the electronic energy meter is a physical machine.. In terms of application range, operation, or the accuracy, the electronic watch will not lose to any other instruments. When choosing, remember to compare and choose the one that suits you best.

Rabia shakeel 3 Years

Single-phase electricity meters are designed essentially to measure energy consumption and its quality factor as well as provide means to prevent tampering..

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