Knitted gloves use objects and industries

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The knitted gloves fabric has the characteristics of good air permeability, good stretchability and good moisture absorption. It is precisely because of its good stretchability that it needs to be woven (also known as woven) hemming for fixing.

Currently, there are two main categories of fabrics in the market. Woven fabrics are mainly divided into two categories: woven and knitted: 1. Woven fabrics: refers to textiles that have warps and wefts interwoven on a loom according to a certain rule. Such as denim fabrics, suit fabrics, shirt fabrics, curtain fabrics, etc. 2. Knitted fabric: It is a fabric made by using knitting needles to make yarns into loops and then putting the loops on each other. Such as general T-shirt fabrics, sweaters, etc.

Non-woven fabrics: refers to textile fabrics processed by bonding, fusing, or other chemical or mechanical methods using textile fibers as raw materials. Such as medical gloves, masks, patient sheets, women's sanitary napkins, diapers, synthetic leather.

Knitted gloves are mainly used by producers or laborers. For example, workers working in workshops, farmers working in the fields, nurses in hospitals, doctors, etc. But then the scope expanded and it was not limited to this. Many people wore these gloves.

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Non-woven fabrics are long fibers that have been bonded together using some sort of heat, chemical, or mechanical treatment. In most cases, woven fabrics are more durable and strong than non-woven..

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