Principle of magnetization

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Many people pay attention to the principle of magnets. Why can magnets attract iron? What is the principle? Why can magnets attract all the substances of iron? They are all composed of molecules or atoms. The directional rolling of electrons outside the nucleus will constitute magnetism. Generally speaking, the arrangement of molecules in an object is disorderly, so the magnetic fields formed by the rolling of electrons cancel each other out. Therefore, the general object is not magnetic, and the magnet outside the core The electrons roll in one direction, so the magnet is magnetic, and its size is equal to the amount of electrons and magnetic.

The process of magnetizing iron is called magnetization, which is to order the disordered molecules in the iron through the magnetic field, so that the iron has the same magnetism first. The interaction between the magnets is the reason why people are very enthusiastic about their own research. It takes a long time to learn every common sense that has been widely applied in the society. Carrick shared with us the principle of mutual attraction of magnets.

Magnet attraction and atom attraction are the fact that some atoms of the magnet are combined with some atoms of the B magnet. It is important to know: the magnet and the magnet will release heat (energy, particles) during the approaching process, that is, the atoms and The combination of atoms releases energy. We don't feel it in our daily life. Don't deny energy saving because of our own feelings.

The principle of independent magnets The particles announced by the regular rotating sphere of the magnet will encounter the influence of external particles at every step. Through the difficult movement process, they will go out of a curved track, and finally move to the other end, enter the anti-rotating sphere. Know if it moves In the process, the speed of the particles is constant, so the greater the direction of particle movement changes, the greater the external force. If the combined effect of particles moving on a straight line is 0, that is, the greater the curvature of the particles moving on the curve, The greater the effect.

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magnetized - having the properties of a magnet; i.e. of attracting iron or steel; "the hard disk is covered with a thin coat of magnetic material" magnetised, magnetic. .

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I am a teacher profession and this information sums up all the data present online on google. Thanks for rapping it all up .

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