Coating processing technology of PU fabric

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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of Oxford cloth and apparel fabrics. Our products include Oxford cloth, jacquard cloth, etc., and its applications range from clothing to luggage, luggage and other outdoor sports goods. We also sell pu coated fabric.

Speaking of PU coated fabrics, it is inevitable to talk about PU fabrics. PU fabrics are actually polyurethane. Its main performance is relatively abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and low temperature resistance (below -30°C), good waterproof and moisture permeability, windproof, soft, etc. Characteristics. It is milky white emulsion under the general production conditions. It can be combined into various fabrics or linings such as plain woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and non-woven fabrics. Films with different characteristics can be made into two layers or two layers. Layers of processing and compounding.

Some of the coatings we usually come into contact with are thin coatings. The application of PU leather products is mainly used for PU coating of outdoor clothing and bag fabrics, such as: brushed suede, imitation leather (artificial leather), etc. The product is also PU coated product. Polyurethane PU coating can form many functional, high value-added textile products, which are widely used in military industry, decoration, outdoor apparel and other industries.

The production of PU coated fabrics involves PU coating agent, which is a block polymer composed of two parts, the soft segment and the hard segment. The soft segment is to make the PU soft and elastic. It is mainly composed of polyether or polyester glycol. The size of its component will affect the softness and hardness of the PU coating; the hard segment is to make the PU coating have A certain strength and elastic modulus are mainly composed of various diisocyanates and chain extenders. The ratio of the soft segment and the hard segment and the types of raw materials can determine and affect the performance and use of the product.

There are many PU coating processing techniques: such as hot melt method, dry method, transfer method, bonding method, wet method, etc., the dry method is the most used one, and the dry method is actually to pour the coating slurry into The container is then evenly coated on the base cloth with an applicator. After heating, the solvent or water will volatilize, and the PU coating will form a film on the surface of the fabric. The PU thin coating is the high-end dry direct coating. Products, mainly used for clothing fabrics.

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Surface coating processes involve depositing a layer of molten, semi-molten or chemical material onto a substrate..

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