How is the prepaid electricity meter installed?

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Zhejiang Tianpusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of electric energy meters in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. One of the products we promote is prepaid electricity meter, which is briefly introduced below.

When installing the prepaid meter, the installation position should be kept vertical and connected according to the wiring diagram.

1. Open the cover of the terminal button box of the electric energy meter, then connect the terminal button wiring according to the wiring diagram and turn on the power.

2. The user inserts the pre-purchased power IC card into the meter in the direction of the arrow on the card (the metal contact faces the left), the display first displays F1, then displays the purchased power, then stably displays F2, and then the display displays the original remaining power plus the new purchase The sum of power is the current remaining power. At this time, the IC card can be removed and the display goes out. (For example, when the remaining power in the meter is lower than the displayed alarm power, the display is always on, and when the sum of the original remaining power in the meter and the power in the power purchase card is greater than 9999kWh, the power in the card is not entered into the meter and is still stored in the card.

3. When the user uses electricity, the pulse indicator will flash. During normal use, the prepaid electricity meter automatically calculates the decrement of the purchased electricity. When the remaining power in the electric energy meter is less than 20 degrees, the display shows the current remaining power to remind users to purchase electricity. When the remaining power is equal to 10 degrees, a power outage reminds the user to purchase electricity. At this time, the user needs to insert the IC card into the energy meter once to restore power. When the remaining power is zero, stop power supply.

4. One meter and one card, each time the user purchases a new electricity, he can only insert his own meter to input the effective electricity once. The display of the prepaid electricity meter usually does not light up. If the user needs to check the remaining power, insert the IC card into the meter, the F1 purchase power display shows zero, F2 the remaining power display, and the card removal display goes out.

5. Every time the user inserts the IC card into the prepaid meter, the meter will write back the user's electricity consumption on the IC card. When the user purchases electricity next time, the sales management system reads the IC card data summary and checks whether the user is legal Use electricity. Electricity inspectors can also use inspection cards to check users' electricity usage.

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Imtiaz hussain 1 Year

Very informative! electric energy meters are the device that calculates the amount of electricity consumed by a particular commodity, which is used for tracking the units consumed for billing purposes. .

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