Biochemistry is a branch of science that deals with the study of biological processes at the molecular and cellular levels. Besides this, it is also concerned with the Physio-chemical substances and processes relating to living organisms. Biochemistry has major contributions to the fields of Pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, cancer, cell injury, inflammation, immunology, cell biology as well as physiology. These very close relationships between different fields highlight our life that depends on many biochemical processes and reactions. Currently, the scope of biochemistry is as wide as our life itself because it involves the study of those chemical and biological reactions that occur in different mammals, insects, animals, microorganisms, fishes, birds as well as human beings.  Is selecting biochemistry is a good career?  Biochemistry provides great facilities for forensic science investigations. Those candidates who have degrees in this field can work as Biochemical lab technicians Forensic scientists Clinical Research associate Medicinal chemist etc.



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