Good windproof performance of PVC coated fabric

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PVC material is the most commonly used general-purpose plastic in the world, and it is widely used. PVC also has great applications in the waterproof paper industry. Next, talk about PVC coated fabric.

PVC-coated fabric is one side of ordinary cloth with PVC coating bonded. There are many characteristics of PVC coated fabrics.

1. Windproof is very good. Therefore, it is the preferred process for many windbreaker jackets.

2. Strong waterproof performance. Since there are more lipophilic groups, the waterproof performance is quite good. It is often used to make coatings for raincoats, tents, aprons, bags and other fabrics.

3. Good mildew resistance. If the fabric is placed in a damp place for a long time, the mildew will stick to it, but it will not penetrate into the fabric. The mildew can be removed by lightly rubbing.

4. Good flexibility. The thickness of pvc can be changed through the application of molecular weight, oil and plasticizer, so that the fabric can achieve unreasonable feel and style.

How can we know the craftsmanship of PVC coated fabrics? First of all, its thickness must meet general customer requirements. This is the most basic. Second, the process of PVC-coated fabrics can't open the fabric with just one tear. In addition, pvc adhesion will become stronger over time.

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