Why choose a adjustable height gaming desk?

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The adjustable height gaming desk is specially designed for people who play games for a long time. Why use an adjustable height gaming table? Because sitting for a long time is very harmful.

According to Xinhuanet reprinted in "Life Times", sedentary is the most gentle form of chronic suicide.

1. Obesity

Sitting for a long time every day, the calorie intake is greater than the calories consumed, the body fat is easy to accumulate, and the weight will rise.

2. Memory loss

Sitting for a long time, blood circulation slows down, leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in mental depression, manifested as physical fatigue, lethargy, and yawning.

3. Lumbar disease

Staying in a sitting posture for a long time, the weight of the whole body is placed on the bottom of the spine, and the shoulders and neck are not moved for a long time, which can easily cause cervical spine stiffness. In severe cases, it may even cause spine deformation and induce arched back and bone hyperplasia.

4. Loss of appetite

Long-term sitting and lack of body movement will weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce the secretion of digestive juices. Over time, symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion, and fullness will occur.

For many players, playing games requires a long time of concentration. Therefore, sedentary is essential. At this time, a height-adjustable game table is even more needed.

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