Cut resistant safety gloves can prevent scratches

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Many people think that cut resistant safety gloves and stab-resistant gloves are the same. This view is obviously wrong. Cut resistance and puncture resistance refer to two different characteristics in gloves and provide different degrees of protection.

Consumers need to be reminded that no gloves are absolutely cut-proof or puncture-proof. The term "resistant" is used to indicate that the glove provides extra durability and prevents cuts or punctures. In other words, cuts or punctures on the gloves are still possible, and even the most durable cut resistant safety gloves cannot be completely cut or punctured.

When choosing cut resistant safety gloves, you must first understand your use of gloves. Not all gloves provide the same protection or the same performance.

cut resistant safety gloves are gloves that can withstand cutting with sharp objects. This may include blades, glass, knives and tools in construction or automotive work. They help prevent cuts or abrasions after using tools and reduce the risk of injury in the workplace environment. Stab-resistant gloves

Puncture resistance refers to the amount of force or pressure the glove can withstand before a tool or sharp object pierces or tears the glove.

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