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In life, polyester fabrics are very common. Many of our clothes are made of polyester fabric.

In order to learn more about polyester fabrics, it is important to learn more details about the three main types of this textile:

1. Vinyl polyester

Vinyl polyester, also known as PET, is the most popular type of polyester on the market. In most cases, even if there are other types of polyester, the term "polyester" is synonymous with "PET".

2. Plant-based polyester

The main advantage of vegetable polyester is that the fabric is biodegradable. However, plant-based polyesters are more expensive to manufacture and may be less durable than their PET or PCDT textile equivalents.

3. PCDT polyester

Although PCDT polyester is not as popular as PET polyester, it is more flexible and therefore very suitable for certain applications. PCDT polyester is also more durable than PET polyester, so this fabric is usually the first choice for heavy-duty applications such as upholstery and curtains.

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