Intro to Artificial Intelligence

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We are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence all the time in the form of the internet. The users are already getting affected by the use of AI. In the near future, it will flourish only and its use will see no boundaries.


AI has the audacity to change the way or method through which humans interact with the technology and not just the technology and also with each other. Either by the means of their work or either due to  social and economic factors, it is no doubt that AI is changing the way people now see the world.


AI technology is very rapidly increasing with every passing day. It is a creation of the internet and is soon going to change our lives for better or worse. AI basically is a technology that mimics human intelligence and has the abilities to learn, reason, think, be proactive and process the natural language not in the form of zeros and ones. 

This on one hand opens u[p the gates for several socioeconomic opportunities but on the same time they also pose some serious ethical challenges as well.



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