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By El Hopper


Gravity forms are the WordPress best form plugin. There are a lot of plugins available, but the most popular one if the Gravity Contact Form. This plugin is used by many of the larger companies and industries. With time it has gained more and more importance. These are also considered as one of the most potent forms of WordPress. 

Many of the users ask this question: “Is this plugin still the best one?” So, yes, it is the most excellent contact form plugin still. To explain to you the reason for its popularity, look at its attributes, characteristics, and features.


  1. Best WordPress Plugin

Gravity forms are from one of the most popular and best plugins, which offer vast features. Also, it provides its users with two types of packages, one is the Basic, and the other is Pro. You can use this to create a contact form on your WordPress website. 

This form is written in PHP. It also uses many of the built-in qualities of WordPress and offers incorporated and integrated type of WordPress builder.


  1. Highest competition

The Gravity contact form has experienced the most significant competition since the day it has released. Many other contact form plugins like Ninja Forms and WP Forms are among the best contact form plugins. But, still, Gravity forms are on the top of the list.


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