Traditional Architecture VS Microservices Architecture

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First, let me inform you about the definition of Microservice or microservice architecture-it is a way that styles or structures the applications. It structures the applications as an assembly of services likes as;

  • It offers flexibility, which means you can maintain it and test it.
  • Loosely coupled
  • You can deploy it independently, which shows that your microservice architecture is working effectively.
  • Usually, it is acknowledged by small team members.

You can organize it around some business capabilities

The above-given services are responsible for their duty and can interact with other services with APIs to help solve larger or complex problems that companies are facing. 

Microservice architecture is different from traditional microservices. This new architecture provides unique and distinctive features. Most of the international brands are transferring their traditional IT infrastructures into a microservices architecture. Like as, Amazon, Coca Cola.

There was a time when using monolithic approach is considered as the best option. Many big companies started to use it and they have built their systems using monolithic. Initially it works very fastly but with the passage of time issues came because code becomes tricky and architecture gets complex. Due to this reason company’s performance’s in the markets gets down and they lose their reputations.

In order to solve these problems microservices architecture has been introduced by developers. Using microservices instead of monolithic has helping companies to regain their reputation in the market.


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