Agricultural Sciences

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By El Hopper


Like other studies, students who have interest in biology chooses agricultural sciences as their major. There is a bachelor's and master's degree available both in Agricultural sciences. Now what is agricutural sciences;

"study of multiple fields of biology that encompasses the parts of economics and social sciences that is used to study and understand the agriculture."

Branches of Agricultural Sciences;

Livestock Production

Crop Production

Agricultural Economics 

Agricultural Engineering

Importance of Agriculture Science

Most of the students gets confused and don't understands the importance of agriculture sciences. Here I will share some points that shows the signinficance of agricultural sciences;

It deals with the processing and production of food. Mnay technologies came under this category like soiol cultivation, crop cultivation, harvesting, animals production, and the processing of animals and plants and humans consumption. Food is the basic need. That's why it is important.





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