Animal Sciences

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Animal Sciences is the study of animal biology under the control of humankind. You can also call it the management and production of animal farms. You will learn a lot in animal sciences. It is not only confined to animal reproduction but also many other things like care, nutrition, welfare, animal behaviors, and many more, etc. 

You will learn a variety of things in animal sciences degree which includes animal behavior, veterinary sciences, biotechnology, and agriculture. If you are an animal lover and know how to produce them, have all the information related to their food, habitat, etc. then you should choose animal sciences as your career. 

Animal Sciences Career

Students earn a BS degree in animal sciences as there are a lot of opportunitites in tha field. Graduates find employment in academic teaching and research, industrial research in the food and feed industries, in laboratory research programs with governmental and international agencies, private corporations, and in industrial or institutional management positions requiring a high level of scientific training.  

What career opportunities are available?

There are few industries as;

  • Allied Animal Industries
  • Breeding Livestock marketing organization
  • Extension Educators
  • Government Agencies
  • Researchers and laboratory Technicians etc. and many more.





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