Reasons for the widespread use of prepaid meters

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Nowadays, prepaid electricity meter have been widely used in all walks of life. Because of the stable performance and high quality of prepaid meters, they bring a good experience to users in terms of electricity. Compared with traditional manual meter reading, It also saves manpower, material resources and financial resources, and the measurement data is more accurate. As one of the commonly used meters, the prepaid meter is loved by the majority of merchants and users.

1. Production process

The production of such high-tech electric meter devices is controlled by dedicated engineers in terms of design procedures and testing. Only in this way can the accuracy of the data be guaranteed. And the raw materials and accessories for production and processing are selected layer by layer, and only those that meet the requirements can be selected.

2. Product production inspection

The inspection process is also cumbersome, and there is more than one process. First, the operators of the production and processing conduct mutual inspections of the meter devices, and self-inspection is also very critical. In addition, the special inspection staff specified by the prepaid meter manufacturer inspect the semi-finished products produced.

3. Re-inspection of finished products

Even if the finished product is produced, it may not be usable. At this time, professional and regular manufacturers will carry out a series of precision tests, using various high-end advanced equipment to test the performance of mechanical kWh meter, appearance and quality of the meter. Only after passing this link, can the meter device be completely guaranteed Prescribed requirements.


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