Machine room-less villa elevators are different from ordinary villa elevators

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1. Green and environmental protection: The villa elevator products for villas without machine room have the concept of environmental protection, can maintain harmony with the environment, and fully create a fresh, semi-clean and pleasant green elevator space, which is mainly reflected in the absence of oil pollution, extremely low noise and electromagnetic pollution. .

2. Quiet operation: The gear reduction box is eliminated to avoid the energy consumption in the gear transmission, the noise and vibration are greatly improved, and a quiet space is created for the operation of the elevator bridge.

3. Luxury and comfort: The combination of a variety of styles of luxury bridge cars and bridge tops makes passengers feel comfortable and noble. All elevators use LED lighting, with a variety of lighting colors and brightness designs. Users can use the e-Touch operating system to freely change the color and brightness of the lights inside and outside the car, and can also set the light sleep time. For the car without car door, the machine-roomless elevator adopts a special light curtain protection system, and the protection scope covers the entire car entrance.

4. Optimizing space: The layout of the machine room-less is adopted for compact and reasonable overall layout, which reduces the construction cost to the greatest extent. The bottom pit of Bentley elevator only needs 250mm, and the general elevator needs 1500mm, which greatly reduces the requirement of civil engineering renovation. The minimum height of the top floor of the elevator is 2 meters 6, while the general elevator needs at least 3 meters 3 of space. With a unique patented design without counterweight, the same building space can increase the load-bearing space for customers by 30%.

5. Extraordinary energy saving: The user can freely change the color and brightness of the light inside and outside the car through the e-Touch operating system, and can also set the sleep time of the light. The roller guide shoe for elevators, the roller material is imported from Taiwan, to avoid the oil pollution caused by the sliding guide shoe used in general elevators.

6. Increase the utilization rate: Due to the particularity of the overall design of some antique buildings and the requirements for the roof, the elevator problem must be solved within an effective height, so the machine room-less elevator meets the needs of this type of building, and in places with scenic spots , Because the machine room is on the high floor, it destroys the local ethnic exoticism. If the machine room-less elevator is used, the main machine room of the Passenger Elevator Factory does not need to be installed separately, which can effectively reduce the height of the building.


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