How to choose the most suitable observation elevator

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Among the traditional Observation Elevators choices, semicircle and diamond are the choices for observation elevators. And now the choice of observation elevator is no longer limited. At present, the types of observation elevators include single-plane observation, right-angle plane observation, three-plane observation and square transparent observation, fan-shaped observation, semi-circular observation, 360-degree full-circular observation, etc. Moreover, ordinary residential elevators or passenger elevators can be directly ordered for single plane or right-angle observation.

It is understood that currently 60% of the panoramic elevators adopt the machine-roomless form, because the machine-roomless panoramic elevators can have more observation options.

Our designers and developers should consider how to choose a observation elevator based on the individuality of their own buildings. At the same time, they also need to consider the overall cost to obtain the best products and the best effects with the least capital.

For some residential buildings, choosing single-plane observation is a very advantageous way to improve the housing grade and value. For hotel elevator manufacturer and shopping malls, the use of double fan-shaped observation elevators may also have unique effects from the appearance.


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